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Leesville Lions Club

District 8-L of MD-8 Louisiana

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Leesville Lions Club meets 1st - 4th Thursdays at the Leesville Golf and Country Club at Noon

Leesville Lions Club

PO Box 1327  Leesville, La 71496

David Haymon , President 


The Leesville Lions Club is a long standing part of the history of Vernon Parish and has been strongly supported by the people of Vernon.  For the past 72 years, our humanitarian efforts have been undertaken by a large number of dedicated Lions and avidly supported by our residents.  Thank You Vernon Parish for enabling us to do all that we have done.

The Leesville Lions Club purchased and donated the original 100 acres upon which the Louisiana Lions Camp was built.  No one really had a full vision of what it would become, but 53 years later, it is still growing in many ways.  Leesville Lions Club is committed to making certain that our campers Summerplace is always here.

The Louisiana Lions Eye Foundation is another one of the statewide Lions Club projects.  Many people from Vernon parish have benefited from the vision services the LLEF provides, both through the clinic in New Orleans and through satellite clinics across the state, one of which is located in Leesville. 

We sponsor Leo Clubs at Anacoco High School, Faith Training Christian Academy, and Leesville High School.  Their combined numbers provide over 150 teens serving their community in various ways.

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